Called to care

At MAPMG, our physicians all share a common trait. To them, medicine is not a job. It’s a calling. Every day, they focus on making a purposeful difference in the lives of their patients. Together, they innovate, educate, listen and collaborate to pioneer new progress in health care. As a result, our physicians and the work they do receive widespread recognition via top rankings, industry awards, professional accolades and more.

Meet a few of our outstanding practitioners.

Dr. Sudip Saha

Dr. Sudhip Saha, a board-certified cardiologist with training in advanced cardiac imaging, discusses what brought him to MAPMG and how he works with other physicians to provide efficient, integrated care.

Dr. Diljeet Singh

Dr. Diljeet Singh, a gynecologic oncologist, explains how using surgical robots enables doctors to operate more effectively on tumors with less recovery time for patients.

Dr. Asha Willis

Dr. Asha Willis, a pediatric gastroenterologist, explains why the MAPMG network of physicians is critical for exceptional family care.

Dr. Dakara Wright

Dr. Dakara Wright, a pediatric dermatologist, explains why this team approach helps ensure that every condition — including hemangiomas in children — is correctly addressed.

Dr. Jason Rosenberg

Dr. Jason Rosenberg, a neurologist and headache medicine sub-specialist, explains how he detects and treats patients who have suffered a stroke.