Changing the future of health care, together

As a physician with MAPMG, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to and learn from powerful collaborations with world-class doctors, specialists and care teams who share your desire to make a difference in people’s lives. You’ll also receive specialized training designed to help you grow, personally and professionally, as you join us in changing the future of health care.

Communicating with care: Clinician Patient Communication (CPC)

At the core of providing an excellent care experience is effective communication. It not only enables you to truly understand your patient’s individual needs, it also allows you to practice medicine as it was originally intended — with compassion and respect. To promote effective Clinician Patient Communication (CPC), we’ve designed the Four Habits Model, an approach to CPC that helps you gain the insights necessary to make accurate diagnoses while also ensuring your patients feel heard and well cared for.

Your introduction to this research-based conversation skill set starts the same day you do. As your knowledge of the Four Habits Model grows, you’ll dive deeper into the approach, ultimately entering our Thriving for Excellence program (Thriving). During this immersive training, you’ll have the opportunity to hone your craft via engaging role-plays with trained actors and physician experts.

Once you’ve completed the Thriving program, you can take your communication skills further by scheduling a session with a dedicated communication consultant at your medical center. Working hand in hand with them, you can utilize targeted training to ensure that you and your patients get the most out of each encounter.

Hear from a few of our physicians:

Dr. Anand Desai

Comments on how patient relationships impact care

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Dr. Asha Willis

Describes collaborating with the best team of doctors for your child

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Dr. Ronjeet Reddy

Discusses using team-based care for complex patients

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Leadership development that’s driven by patient-centered care

At MAPMG, we start your leadership journey on day one of orientation by introducing you to your role as a clinical team leader. And at the heart of that role: our patients. By always placing our patients at the center of all we do, we not only carry forward our mission to fulfill the promise of medicine, we also develop leaders who truly exemplify all that MAPMG stands for.

As you advance your career with us, we will actively encourage you to extend yourself through a variety of development opportunities and programs, including our New and Emerging Leaders program. When you join one of our New and Emerging Leader cohorts, you’ll receive a comprehensive assessment of your communication and leadership style. With that data in hand, you’ll design a personalized development plan around your leadership goals. In support of your plan and over the course of the program, you and your cohort will participate in four days of in-depth leadership training and engage with a certified professional coach in one-on-one sessions.

Check out the leadership framework below to familiarize yourself with the five levels of MAPMG physician leadership.